Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why I love being a mom.....

Reason # 1 is COLE.....Even though he is now 15 and very much a teenager, and usually thinks Im kind of dorky, and parents arent really that cool to him these days, there are still those moments when I can tell he loves me and he appreciates me. Yesterday he walked to the park with Sam, Ava, and I. He pushed their stroller the entire trip and I could tell that he really wanted to be there with us. It was nice. I know these moments wont happen very often while his age still ends in "teen"...but I will take what I can get for now! And I appreciate the way Cole still loves his Granny. Quite often he will post his FB status as "going to granny's..yeah!". I love that! I also love the way he loves his siblings. Now his love for Camryn, even tho I know its there, is hidden most of the time these days. But he is very affectionate with Sam and Ava & I think it is so sweet

Reason # 2 is CAMRYN...Since she is now 10 the "tween" attitude will occassionally try to rear its ugly head. But for the most part Camryn is great and its still important to her that she pleases me and makes me happy! She is my little helper...probably more that she would like to be sometimes. But still she is a big help and I cant imagine how much more hectic things would be with out her to pick up some of my slack!? Something else about Camryn that makes me very happy is her desire to attend church. On days we might miss for what ever reason she is extrememly disappointed! I see a lot of myself in Camryn thru her love for friends and socializing and just her desire to enjoy life! She has an ambitious attitude that Im very proud of.

Reason # 3 is SAM...Sam brings me so much joy. He is hilarious and makes the entire family laugh constantly. I am loving being the mother of him at this age. I have learned to appreciate the fact that he is a 2 yr old and laugh at the daily mishaps instead of stressing about them like I did with Cole. I am so thankful I have been blessed with that ability...finally! Sam loves to tell me he loves me by saying " I love you too momma" and it melts my heart. He is a lover of his friends, and people, and life, and everything around him!

Reason # 4 is AVA...I love this baby girl! When she sees me she smiles as big as she can and I LOVE it! She is such a good baby and Im very thankful for that. She is pretty content just hanging out. I was excited when we found out baby # 4 was another girl. I love all things "girly"! And maybe I'm partial...but she is pretty darn cute!!!

I also have a reason # 5... JON. Jon became a parent for the first time with the birth of Sam and I have loved watching the joy of being a first time parent thru his eyes. I think it has made things even more special! He is proud of his son and adores his baby girl!



Kat Clark said...

Luanne this is so sweet. Most moms write about the loot they raked in on mothers day or all the chores they didn't have to do but you wrote such sweet things all about your sweet things! So nice to read. Thanks for sharing!

Ash said...

Luanne! You need to update your blog big time! And maybe post more pictures since I miss you guys and don't get to see you anymore. :(